Doubting The Founder’s Doubts

Doubting The Founder’s Doubts

Here’s your opportunity to walk down the road with the L.E.A.P. founder and watch his steps, seeing his direction, and raise your voice on what you reckon as a concern, problem, potential disaster, or simply stupidity, of the founder.

If kindly and possible, you may also want to share your viewpoints, experiences, and suggestions, with the founder and everyone else reading here – sort of building the L.E.A.P. together conceptually.

So please do doubt the founder’s doubts and throw in your doubts (and solutions). MUCH THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Founder’s #1 Doubt

The “Chicken Or Egg” Question For Launching L.E.A.P. Service

The new local digital postal service landscape being pursued by has to be populated with:

  1. Millions and millions of L.E.A.P. personas from individual sign-ups
  2. Millions and millions of L.E.A.P. biz/org from local SMBs, public utilities and public sector organization sign-ups

A typical Chicken And Egg scenario here, chicken first or egg first? That is, which needs to come into existence first for launching the L.E.A.P. service? The persona population or the biz/org pool?

No Promotions No Talk

As an individual living within highly connected digital world, signing up to a new (L.E.A.P.) account, taking time to complete the registration/approval process, and seeing NOTHING on the service, is an impossible expectation.

No L.E.A.P. persona sign-up will likely happen without the visible line-up of local biz/org ready on the L.E.A.P. service. No wait-and-see patience for digital era consumers.

No Consumers No Talk

As a biz/org operating within a local community, why paying annual membership fee (or even for free with fee waiver) to join the L.E.A.P. service when it is almost empty with no sign-up consumers?  Businesses simply have no time for experimental business!

The Incentivized L.E.A.P. Evangelists Approach

As the L.E.A.P. service emphasizes serving the local communities, maybe we should establish an army of local L.E.A.P. Evangelists who in turn actively recruit a good number of biz/org from their local community to join up the L.E.A.P. service.

These new L.E.A.P. biz/org will then proceed to extend their promotions to their own existing customers via the L.E.A.P. service dispatching mechanism, with the promotion e-mail being delivered to individual consumers along with an invitation to sign-up to L.E.A.P. for persona creation.

For those biz/org who do not maintain their own customer e-mail lists, they may use in-store display or flyer handout to invite their walk-in patrons to sign up to the L.E.A.P. service instead.

This evangelist approach has its own issues though, namely:

  • The evangelists require monetary incentives to come on board to L.E.A.P. service.
  • The recruitment of biz/org by the evangelists may not work as expected.
  • The invitation from biz/org to their customers may not work as expected.



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