Local Digital Postal Service Beyond The USPS

The USPS has been trying hard in modernizing itself over the years. The most recent USPS move in its digital direction is the announcement of the USPS “Informed Delivery” going nationwide in 2017.

In reality the USPS is running a 200+ years old walled garden of postal service with its ecosystem totally tied-in to the huge set of registered postal delivery addresses and postal office boxes. As such, regardless of the type, the scope, and the level of success of future digital evolution efforts by the USPS,  the resulting impacts will remain fully contained within the USPS walled garden as “inside the box” effects only, based on the postal delivery addresses.

The USPS walled garden has good reasons and sufficient demands to last on much further, but there will be no true “outside the box” digital evolution achievable by the USPS based on its inherent ecosystem. Any form of digital mailbox within the USPS walled garden space, as tied in with the recipients’ postal delivery addresses, will easily trigger the recipients’  concern over their identity safety and privacy.

A new digital postal service will then have to be a disruptive breakthrough beyond the USPS walled garden. It will have to be free of any reliance nor attachment to the current USPS ecosystem. The new digital postal service disruption will come in the form of a “parallel universe” to the USPS walled garden, with the new ecosystem being established as fugly independent, parallel, and outside of the existing USPS walled garden.

We’re here to take a look at the USPS walled garden and the parallel universe of a new digital postal service in the make…